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Knight Real Estate has been a part of the Austin Business Community for over half a century. Throughout that time, Knight Real Estate has maintained a reputation for competence and integrity in serving its clients and customers. The unique talent of the company is the application of creativity in the solution of complex real estate problems. This creativity is derived from a combination of education, experience and local knowledge not found in most real estate companies.

Knight Real Estate and its principal, Robert Knight, have obtained a wealth of hands-on experience in a broad range of real estate activities including the development and management of shopping centers, mixed use land developments, multi-family projects and a variety of small investments. Mr. Knight has participated in the design, creation, and implementation of utility system infrastructure including processing through the State of the charter of a Municipal Utility District. He has owned and operated a number of successful real estate related businesses such as shopping centers, mini-warehouses, operating farms, and raw land speculations.